A sanctuary to entrust your loved ones with

While you are hard at work trying to provide a better life for your loved ones, the last thing that you want is the thought of them in an environment that you don’t trust.

Hence, Casa Tropika.

Your mind can now be put at ease, as they are well protected by our 4-tier security system. The young ones can now put their abundant energy to good use, they can play, learn, and most importantly, grow at our well thought out facilities, which includes amphitheatre, swimming pool, half basketball court just to name a few.

We are the platform for you to build your home, and a better life.


A 4-tier security system designed around you

Security is of utmost importance to a growing family, the 4-tier security system is designed around it’s habitants and protects them right up to the doorstep.

Access cards that reaches only the designated floor keeps the unwelcomed at bay, CCTVs are placed at strategic locations under the watchful eyes of trained security guards and Casa Tropika is surrounded firmly by fences.

Your loved ones are safe with us.